What is GDPR Compliance All About?

GDPR: The new Internet law that affects your business!

When you woke up last Friday, May 25th, you may have noticed your inbox was flooded with emails from businesses updating their privacy policy.

That’s because on Friday, May 25th, GDPR went into effect – and if businesses don’t comply, they could face hefty fines and penalties.

So let me ask you: is your website GDPR compliant?

If not, keep reading to learn how we can help.

What is GDPR, and how does it affect your website?

The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is a new law that requires all businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of European Union (EU) citizens. GDPR covers all websites that have visitors from the EU – even if those businesses are located in the US.

In short, even if you don’t conduct business in the European Union, if someone from the EU visits your website, by law you now must have an updated privacy policy, inform them that your website uses “Cookies,” and give them an option to opt out.

Don’t know what “cookies” are? Here’s a quick primer:

Cookies are bits of data that are temporarily stored on a website visitor’s computer. This data usually contains non-personally identifiable information like the user’s geo location, IP addresses, pages viewed, length of time spent on pages, devices types (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.). Basically all the important user information that powers your analytics, affiliate marketing, email lists, ad targeting, customized eCommerce store, and more!

Quick recap: In order to be GDPR compliant, you will need:

  1. An updated Privacy Policy that includes information about how you handle cookies (e.g. a “Cookie Policy”).
  2. An updated Terms & Conditions
  3. A site notification that informs users of your “cookie policy” and allows them to opt-out.

Sounds intimidating?!

The good news is, it’s easier than you think – and we can help get you GDPR compliant in a matter of hours!

We at Connect-Tek Inc. have developed a solution that includes the following:

  1. We will create a detailed Privacy Policy on your website that includes your new/updated Cookie Policy.
  2. We will create a detailed Terms & Conditions on your website that is GDPR compliance
  3. We will add a simple backend script that will notify all site visitors that your website uses cookies, with an option to accept or opt-out via a footer or header banner. See the below example.

Our one time “Discounted Special” offer to get your website GDPR compliant is $195 (per domain website).

As an added bonus, we will perform an in-depth WordPress & plugin review – at no additional charge. With this bonus service, any outdated plugins on your site will be updated, and we will also update your core WordPress files. This update can speed up your website considerably and close many security vulnerabilities (and it’s a $125 value!).

CALL NOW or CLICK on the LINK BELOW to get your website GDPR compliant, and avoid the potential hassle of fines and penalties.

Connect-Tek, Inc. accepts the following form of payments:  Zelle, Checks, All Major Credit Cards & PayPal.


If you conduct financial business in the EU (or with residence of the EU), abiding with the GDPR “cookie policy”, “pricacy policy” & “terms & conditions policy” does not within itself make your website or business GDPR compliant.

Download GDPR “PDF” for more detailed information by – Clicking Here

Complete GDPR package for only $195

Complete GDPR package for only $195